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Unique 3D display

GoldBandits opts for unique display at its stores in The Netherlands. The ‘GUN’ from the first basic collection literally served as a model for the over-dimensional and unique display that surprises each store and its individual interior. Even the design of the detail of the heart on the side of the charm has been adopted on the display. And that’s not all … the original GoldBandits ‘GUN-display’ is 3D manufactured by the piece and finished in the right GoldBandits colors. This choice is no coincidence. It makes the display highly distinctive in its perception.

And certainly not least…the flexibility in size is also a great advantage … The height of the shop window at store # 58 was smaller than the height of the original ‘GUN’ size…. so printing a ‘smaller size‘ gun is the solution.

GoldBandits has its displays made by co-creator 3D PRINTEN LIMBURG located in Sittard … Dutch make; PROUD WE ARE!


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